Kratom "Red Maeng Da - Thai" (Mitragyna speciosa) - Seeds

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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) - Seeds/Seeds
(Kratom, Biak, Gra-tom, Biak-Biak, Katawn, Krton, Mabog or Mambog).

Origin: Thailand
Harvest: September 2023
Germination period: approx. 2-4 weeks
Strain: Red

You can choose between approx. 250 & approx. 500 single seedsn (approx. 7 or 12 individual seed capsules)!

Growing instructions:

Tutorial for germination of Mitragyna speciosa seeds

TIP: For the best results or germination rate, grow the seeds indoors in a controlled environment. That is, with a small greenhouse and a suitable cultivation lamp you can get the best out of the seeds. Sowing seeds outdoors or on a windowsill usually doesn't work well in our latitudes, if at all. For this reason, many people are simply not "lucky" with the cultivation of Mitragyna seeds - that you actually do not need for it, but only the necessary know-how :).

The tiny and sometimes tricky to grow seeds need mainly light, heat and moisture for germination. Once the seeds dry out completely for a long time, they die very quickly.

Fill growing pots with growing soil, sprinkle with water, place the seeds on the soil and sprinkle with water. If at all, sprinkle only very thinly with a fine layer of soil/sand. It is best to cover the growing pots with plastic wrap and aerate daily or keep the soil moist. Otherwise, the pots can be placed in suitable indoor greenhouses until the seeds have germinated and the seedlings are a few inches tall. It is important to ensure fresh air supply at least once a day to prevent and avoid mold.

To successfully germinate Mitragyna speciosa, you need sufficient warmth, light and moisture. Kratom requires a subtropical climate for healthy and rapid growth.

After germination of seeds seedlings can be slowly accustomed to the drier indoor air or fresh air outdoors after a few weeks.

We use high-quality plant soil with sufficient perlite, clay granules and/or volcanic stone granules for the plants. The plants tolerate waterlogging very well compared to many other plant species. Thanks to the rapid growth, you will have to repot more often and feed the plants with nutrients :-).

FREE seeds with every order 🙂


Testimonial from one of our customers:

As you (and I) are certainly aware, kratom seeds (and cuttings) are extremely bitchy, the seeds have limited germination after harvesting the seed pods and also the germination rate is not very good.

Knowing that you should sow the seeds as soon as possible after harvesting, I ordered the two batches from you (once according to your site from october 2019, once from april 2019) each "500 pcs."

Now from the October batch, 7-10 days after sowing, about 40-50 plants germinated (there are a few added daily), I have the seeds unfortunately not thoroughly enough separated, so that many germinated as clusters. Let's see how this develops. from the April batch has not come a single one. from this I have gained the knowledge that one can use the seeds very well a few months after harvest and also has a halfway acceptable germination rate. More than 3-4 months it should then probably not be, because as I said with 10-month-old seeds the germination rate is zero.

My method is a large indoor greenhouse 5cm filled with good growing soil (goldlabel premix), sprinkle the seeds loosely from a sheet of paper with groove on the substrate (before thoroughly separate) and spray with lukewarm water with 0.3 ec and 6.5ph (probably unimportant, but for the sake of completeness), thoroughly moisten, but avoid a sump.

Put the whole thing with 5cm distance on a heating mat - I take for this 2 laths that come under the Zgh - so that in the interior of the Zgh a very high humidity arises as well as temperature of 28-30 degrees.



  • Despite constant quality controls (checking the germination quality, storage ability, etc. of the plant seeds, etc.). we can unfortunately none Warranty on the germination of our seeds give - too many different factors in the context of cultivation / conditions - can prevent successful germination.
  • Please inquire about the applicable laws in your country BEFORE purchasing this product. Laws and import regulations or whether this product may be imported/used/grown.
  • Our plant seeds are, if available in your country for the Cultivation determined and allowed, exclusively intended for plant cultivation.
  • For further information and guidelines please refer to our terms and conditions or simply write us your questions by mail to: 🙂

250, 500

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2 reviews for Kratom „Red Maeng Da – Thai“ (Mitragyna speciosa) – Samen

  1. Marta -

    Definitely worth a try! Good germination rate.

    Verified customer rating

  2. Pedro -

    Dobrá semena. Chvíli trvá, než vyklíčí, ale všechno fungovalo dobře.

    Verified customer rating

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