Voacanga plant (Voacanga Africana)

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Country of origin: Austria
Dimension: Height: about 10-15cm
Notice: Healthy & vigorous young plant, grown from seed
Currently, Voacanga Africana has industrial (production of latex) and medicinal applications. West African shamans use both the bark and seeds of this treeas a brain stimulant. The roots are used as a stimulant during long hunts, while the seeds have been used for visionary purposes.

The seeds of Voacanga Africana contain indole alkaloids, including voacangine (carbomethoxy-ibogaine), voacamine, and related substances.


Care instructions:

Light: Voacanga is native to the African jungle where it grows in the lower to middle layers of vegetation, so it prefers semi-shaded areas and full sun should be avoided.

Water: Regular watering during the growing season. It is best to use rainwater. Watering according to need and location. The more light incidence, the more water is needed.

Fertilizer: Fertilize weekly to every two weeks with a weak liquid fertilizer containing micronutrients. You can also use a natural slow-release fertilizer, or nettle broth or similar.

Substrate: Well-fertilized potting soil with some perlite and/or volcanic rock granules provide a well-balanced nutrient balance. Likewise, some cactus soil can be added to the substrate to improve drainage.

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2 reviews for Voacanga Pflanze (Voacanga Africana)

  1. Dylan -

    Suuri tuki ja mielenkiintoiset etnobotaaniset tuotteet!

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  2. Algirdas -

    Thank you - toP seeds and nice customer service.

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