Aztekensalbei “MoonMan” (Salvia divinorum) – Steckling

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Aztekensalbei “MoonMan” (Salvia divinorum) Wahrsagesalbei Steckling Pflanze

“Moonman” – Echter Hybrid (aus Samen gezogen) zwischen den bekannten Klonen “Luna” und “Hofmann”

Herkunft: Österreich
Höhe: ca. 15-20cm

  • Pflanzenversand nur innerhalb Europas!
    Pflanzenversand immer montags!

  • Rabatt ab 2 Pflanzen!

Care Instructions:

Du erhältst von uns einen bewurzelten Steckling, der in feuchtem Spagnum Moos in einer Plastiktüte ohne Topf/Substrat versendet wird. Unserer Erfahrung nach lassen sich so die Pflanzen am besten und sichersten versenden.

When you receive your cutting, carefully remove it from the bag, carefully remove the damp paper/spagnum moss from the roots and place it in a small pot with quality soil. It is important that the pot has holes at the bottom so that the water can drain off - the soil should also have good drainage to prevent waterlogging. We have had good experience with a mix of Compo quality soil, perlite and/or some vulcanite/claystone.

The cutting should be placed securely in the soil, well watered and then placed in partial shade (NO direct sunlight) - preferably in a small greenhouse or with a plastic bag over it - so that it can recover from shipping and get used to its new home. Salvia divinorum prefers temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Direct sun should be avoided at least around midday in summer, as this slows down the growth of the plants and puts them under stress.

The overwintering is best done dark and cool (about plus 10 degrees) or with the help of a cultivation tent with lighting. You can also use inexpensive plant LEDs for this. With cool overwintering, the plants usually lose all leaves and with a little luck sprout new in the spring.

You should always keep an eye out for spider mites, which like to nest underneath the leaves. In case of a case, the plants will drop the leaves quickly, but will recover after 1-2 treatments with e.g. neem oil.

Our plants are purely ornamental and not intended for consumption or further processing!

Important information about buying and shipping our plants!

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  • Trotz ständiger Qualitätskontrollen (Überprüfung der Keimqualität, Lagerfähigkeit, etc. der Pflanzensamen, etc.) können wir leider keine Garantie auf die Keimung unserer Samen geben – zu viele verschiedene Faktoren im Rahmen der Anzucht/bedingungen – können eine erfolgreiche Keimung verhindern.
  • Before purchasing this product, please enquire about the laws and import regulations applicable in your country or whether this product may be imported/used/cultivated.
  • Our plant seeds, if intended and permitted for cultivation in your country, are intended exclusively for plant propagation.
  • For further information and guidelines, please refer to our terms and conditions or simply send us your questions by mail to: 🙂

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