Iboga root bark, ground (Tabernanthe iboga) TOP quality! Iboga from the Bwiti tribe

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Country of origin: Gabon/Africa
Harvest: 2023
Note: Incense! Traditional use in parts of Africa as a stimulant, aphrodisiac or similar in small doses - in larger doses as an initiation agent or in shamanism to induce visions, etc.!

You can choose between 5, 10, 50 and 100g. Finely ground. Larger quantities on request!

Top quality - finely harvested root bark from at least 40 year old iboga plants! The root or root bark of the plants is only partially harvested so as not to stress the plant too much or seriously injure it.

You can find our blog article on iboga here!


Worth knowing:

The core element of all iboga traditions is a controlled near-death experience lasting several days. The initiation into the world of ancestors and spirits by ingesting large quantities of the bark of the Tabernanthe iboga root marks the rite of passage to adulthood. The child "dies" and is reborn as an adult and full member of the group. A common name for these traditions is Bwiti.

Although Gabon is the center of the Bwiti, Iboga is also widespread in Cameroon and other countries in Western Equatorial Africa. There are various branches of Bwiti, which not only differ ethnically, but also have different spiritual foundations. What all these branches have in common, however, is the use of iboga as an initiation sacrament. Bwiti traditions can be found among strongly animist-oriented groups living deep in the jungle who have only been slightly influenced by Western colonialism. In the more densely populated areas, however, syncretic forms of Bwiti can also be found, which incorporate parts of the Christian religion.


Please be sure to Keep away from children! Use as incense! Consumption and further processing prohibited! Intended exclusively for research or collecting purposes!


Please do not purchase this product if you are allergic to one or more of the product's ingredients. allergic or react against the applicable Laws of your country violate!

Please inquire sufficiently about the ingredients, effect, processing, legality, etc. before buying/using this product - best with your pharmacist/doctor of your confidence and the responsible authorities. In case of confiscation of this product by customs, we can unfortunately not offer a replacement!
We cannot be held responsible for improper use of this product by our customers. no responsibility take over! All information without guarantee. This product is not intended for consumption! All product information is for information purposes only and is not intended to encourage consumption!



5, 10, 50, 100

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3 reviews for Iboga Wurzelrinde, gemahlen (Tabernanthe iboga) TOP Qualität! Iboga vom Stamm der Bwiti

  1. Florentin, der Forscher -

    Richtig gute Iboga-Wurzelrinde. Gibt nix zu meckern.

    Verified customer rating

  2. Florentin, der Forscher -

    Nice Iboga rootbark. Tried a few different sellers but until now I like this one the most! ThX!

    Verified customer rating

  3. Konstantin B. -

    !TOP! Riecht auf jeden Fall schon mal sehr nice :D. Bestelle bald wieder bei euch.

    Verified customer rating

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