Autumn Mandrake (Mandragora autumnalis) Seeds

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Autumn Mandrake (Mandragora autumnalis) Seeds

Origin: Greece
Harvest: 2023
Germination period: approx. 2-4 weeks

You can choose between Choose 5 and 10 seeds per packet. Larger quantities on request please!

Caution: All parts of this plantincluding their seeds, are Toxic and must be kept away from children!

Growing instructions:

The germination of the seeds can be improved by pre-soaking them in water or diluted gibberellic acid, although pre-soaking in water is normally sufficient. Furthermore better germination rate prior stratification of the seeds is recommended (the seeds can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-4 weeks and then planted)

These seeds are dark sprouts, which is why they must be covered with approx. 1 cm of soil (with good drainage).

Fill the seed pots with a mixture of potting compost and cactus soil, spray with water, place the seeds on the soil and press them down lightly. If necessary, cover very thinly with cactus substrate. It is best to cover the seed pots with plastic foil and ventilate them daily or keep the soil moist. Otherwise, the pots can also be placed in suitable propagators until the seeds have germinated and the seedlings are a few centimetres tall. It is important to ensure a supply of fresh air at least once a day to prevent and avoid mold.

After germination of seeds seedlings can be slowly accustomed to the drier indoor air or fresh air outdoors after a few weeks.

Requires semi-shade to sunny conditions outdoors (preferably somewhat protected from direct midday sun), sufficient water and good fertilization! Various insects and snails like to eat mandrakes, which is why they should be grown in a pot for protection. You should also watch out for spider mites, which like to live under the leaves.

We use high-quality plant soil with sufficient perlite, clay granules and/or volcanic stone granules for the plants.

Interesting facts about mandrake:

The name mandragora comes from the Greek and means "injuring cattle". The Anglo-Saxons, for example, considered mandrake and periwinkle to be the ultimate herbs for use in demonic possession.

The root of the mandrake was considered by the ancients to be human in form and was often depicted in various texts as a man with a very long beard or as a woman with very bushy hair. If the root was divided into two halves, it was considered female. If not, it was male. The female roots were the most valuable and were regarded as a useful charm to promote luck and prosperity.

The plant is said to have grown under the gallows of murderers, sprouted from the excreted secretions of criminals and began to screech when dug. It was said that the sound would kill a man or drive him mad. To avoid this fate, according to tradition, a dog would be tied to the plant and would pull it up and die in the man's place. Some legends say that it could only be harvested after sunset or that you had to draw a circle around the plant three times with a sword or magic wand before harvesting. Once harvested, a witch must wash it in wine and wrap it in silk for storage.

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  • Despite constant quality controls (checking the germination quality, storage ability, etc. of the plant seeds, etc.). we can unfortunately none Warranty on the germination of our seeds give - too many different factors in the context of cultivation / conditions - can prevent successful germination.
  • Please inquire about the applicable laws in your country BEFORE purchasing this product. Laws and import regulations or whether this product may be imported/used/grown.
  • Our plant seeds are, if available in your country for the Cultivation determined and allowed, exclusively intended for plant cultivation.
  • For further information and guidelines please refer to our terms and conditions or simply write us your questions by mail to: 🙂

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2 reviews for Herbst-Alraune (Mandragora autumnalis) Samen

  1. Herbert -

    Top germination rate!

    Verified customer rating

  2. Nicholas -

    Use lamps for these seeds and you will achieve the best results - at least in my experience.

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