Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) Seeds

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Herkunftsland: Ghana/Afrika
Ernte: 2018
Keimdauer: ca. 2-4 Wochen
Hinweis: Frische, Kakaosamen.

Manufacturer/Producer Description:

These seeds belong to the dark germinators, which is why they must be thinly covered with soil if they are to germinate.

Die Keimung der Samen kann durch vorheriges Einweichen in Wasser oder verdünnter Gibberellinsäune verbessert werden, wobei auf Grund der Frische der Samen normalerweise ein Einweichen in Wasser für 24-48 Stunden vollkommen ausreicht!

Fill the pots with soil, sprinkle with water, place the seeds on the soil, cover with soil and sprinkle with water. It is best to cover the pots with plastic foil and aerate them daily or keep the soil moist. The pots can otherwise be placed in suitable indoor greenhouses until the seeds have germinated and the seedlings are a few centimetres tall. It is important to ensure a supply of fresh air at least once a day to prevent and avoid mould.

After germination of the seeds, the seedlings can be slowly accustomed to drier indoor air or fresh air outdoors after a few weeks.

Kakaopflanzen benötigen durchgehend ein feucht-warmes Klima und direkte Sonneneinstrahlung sollte gerade bei Jungpflanzen vermieden werden.

Please do not purchase this product if you are allergic to one or more of the product's ingredients or if it violates the laws in force in your country!

Before buying/using this product, please enquire sufficiently about the ingredients, effect, processing, legality, etc. - preferably with your trusted pharmacist/doctor and the relevant authorities. In case of confiscation of this product by customs, we can unfortunately not offer a replacement!
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